Angelyne's Desktop Glamour Kit

Now everyone can browse glamorously! Even the boys! Sexy crypto art that’s to die for. Replace your old drab cursor, desktop icons, folders, and background with Angelyne's Sexy Desktop Glamour Kit!

Welcome to Angelyne’s Desktop Glamour Kit!


Join us on Foundation this Friday, April 2nd at 12:00 noon PDT to purchase Angelyne’s very first digital merch! The cursor, the crux of Angelyne’s new desktop glamour kit, titled, "AngelyneSexyVirginCursor.cur," will be minted as a one-of-a-kind non-fungible token and put up for auction! 


Angelyne collaborated with Los Angeles-based internet artist, Lizzie Klein to create her NFT and desktop glamour kit. This desktop glamour kit consists of a custom cursor, customized app icons, customized folder icons, a desktop background, and installation guides for both Mac + Windows. Go to the "downloads" folder to begin your desktop make over! The cursor is free to download, but only one very special person will OWN it! 


Now everyone can browse glamorously! Even the boys! Sexy crypto art that’s to die for.

Not only is this the sexiest and most glamorous NFT, it is also the first functional NFT, no other NFT can be installed and used to serve any purpose. It is also the very first minted cursor!


Angelyne has always been ahead of the game, crowned the Goddess of Cyberspace in 1996, when she was giving virtual tours of Los Angeles through her own website. She would drive around LA and make videos at all of her favorite spots and post them on her website for her fans to see.


Now, she will be the Queen of NFTs!


Cyber Queen Angelyne knows the future is here. So, come on everybody! Join us! You’re all invited. Angelyne is about promoting the soul of the individual. And, Web 3 is the ultimate opportunity. She hopes to see the spirit and hyper-customization of the 90s and early 2000s web make a comeback. Angelyne believes in a decentralized internet!


Angelyne has been working on a tell-all exposé documentary film which is coming soon. She is besieged with offers to buy it. When the film exposé documentary comes out there will be more hype around her, and that is when the resale value of the NFT will snowball.


Angelyne, and no one else, is the world’s billboard queen. She’s also the original cyber queen. 


Note: The cursor was made for Mac but we have a fabulous Windows option too.

Keep scrolling to see the official cursor in action!


Screengrab of Angelyne's old website!

Screen Shot 2021-03-20 at 1.12.59 PM.png